Please be aware that this site is in draft mode.  A new web site is under construction right now as part of our preparation for public launch.  Until then, please join us at our LinkedIn page, our Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter at MailChimp, contact us at the email of, or call us at (760) 602-0532.

Welcome to the first generation website of Virtual Flight Academy (VFA), a nonprofit youth aviation training program.  You can view the beginning stages of our more formal websites by clicking on the tab Formal Websites.

We suggest you start learning about Virtual Flight Academy (VFA) by reading the pages on our Overview and Core Benefits.  You can also see the efforts over the past 10 years plus on our advocacy to dramatically change the entire aviation entry training model by reviewing the Conferences & Presentations page.  Our PowerPoint presentation to the Air Force Academy in the summer of 2009 is located on the General tab.

To learn about our short term programs, please read about our current activities.  We also recommend reading about our operations overview and path ahead.  Finally, for those that are interested, please check out our page on ways to get involved. Both aspiring and seasoned aviators, as well as flight sim enthusiasts, are all equally welcome to join the community.  A review of the VFA portals general and VFA training pipelines will show you what areas are currently operational as well as what areas will be activated in the future.  We are starting with training portals for the United States, Australia and Canada first.  Over time, we will be adding additional portals for other appropriate countries.  Finally, the UAV Training Overview sub-portal contains some initial information on our preliminary considerations for applying this same early-skill training model to the UAV space.

For those that actually join the community, reading about the initial collaboration tools used by Virtual Flight Academy should be insightful.  We are launching Virtual Flight Academy using the Google Apps for Education platform.  In the future, we will be expanding the capabilities by also implementing the Cynapse Collaboration Suite.  We are grateful to the Cynapse team for their support and donation of services.  If you have any questions, you can find our contact information and links to the Congressional District Program, which VFA belongs under during this stage of development, on the About Us page.  In this section, you can also find links to our advisory groups, as well as our past endorsements and a high level overview of VFA's history.